Its not all about the mEAT.

For the non-meat lovers we have 3 options with 2 burgers. Both are made in house with the 3 Bean Spicy Burger being an option for our Vegan friends. 

​Who are we.

We are a family run Bar and Grill in the up and coming city of Newport, South Wales. We have spent a lot of time and effort over the last 12 months making mEAT Bar & Grill a great dining experience for everyone of all ages.

We are extremely passionate about our food and have travelled far and wide over the last 18 months, experiancing  different foods and styles at many restaurants.

“We named it mEAT with an emphasis on eat.

About us

Meat Bar & Grill is a Family run Independent resturant in the Great City of Newport.

​The Early Days

​We’ve had many trials with our food to get it perfect, offering customers a chance to try it on special evenings to give us their opinions on how to improve.


The food was free on these special evenings, but customers had to answer three specific questions about it. This much needed input allowed us to craft the perfect recipes for our food, especially our burgers, which are handmade in house with the best Brisket and Chuck Mix.